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Joyce Hosts Her President’s Day

The summer finally arrived just in time for a “drive” of 18 ends followed by an American Tea

Unbadged Players Progress in Ivan Fennell Double Fours

Central eased past South Woodford in the Group 5 unbadged competition. The teams finished prey level away, but a resounding victory at home, including some excellent woods from stalwarts Henry Seabrook and Peter Norgate, took us through.

A Big Week In The Men’s County Comps – Part 4

An all Central tie meant that there would be guaranteed representation in the quarter final of the County Fours.

Things were pretty level until the last third of the match, when a 3 for Mitch’s team swung the game in their favour, giving them a lead they managed to hang on to until the end of the game

A Big Week In The Men’s County Comps – Part 3

Len “Up To Three Times A Day” Welton, Keith Lloyd and Mick Bird beat a trio from Fords to progress to the Quarter Finals of the County Triples, helped in no small part by Len’s consistently brilliant play.

A Big Week In The Men’s County Comps – Part 2

Another tight game, but the Paul and Kevin always seemed to be playing catch up to the pair from Wivenhoe who progress to the next round.

A Big Week In The Men’s County Comps – Part 1

Central’s Kevin Fitzgerald won through the latest round of the County singles, beating Falcon BC’s Andrew Squire 21-20 in a tense match on Monday that lasted over two hours.

Squire, one of the County’s foremost bowlers, took an early lead in the first few ends, but Kevin clawed this back, and for the middle section of the game the scores were pretty level. It wasn’t until the 18th end that there was decisive swing in the Central player’s favour. Three shots on that end gave him a 18-15 lead. Squire countered with two shots on the next, then they traded singles in the next few ends. At 19-18 Squire upped the pressure and was on at least one occasion holding game, but a few key woods from Fitzgerald and couple of occasions where woods fell in his favour meant that the game went down to the wire at 20 all.

On what was to be the final end Squire again put the pressure on straight from his first bowl which finished little more than a foot directly in front of the jack. Another tight head ensued with Squire making Fitzgerald’s job more difficult with more well placed short woods. Then Squire’s final wood of the end made the jack visible again. This spurred Fitzgerald into playing a little weight and he managed to find a way through two short woods to trail the jack and count the single he needed to win the game.

Fitzgerald continues Central’s good form in the County singles over the last few years, and goes on to play Mark Wilson of local rivals Ilford in the quarter finals of the competition.

Ladies County News

Maureen Norgate’s team of four unfortunately lost their game yesterday against Sylvia Bloomfield of Connaught which was played on Connaught’s very heavy green.

However, Isabel Anderson’s team beat the second team from Buckhurst Hill this week in a very exciting match which was very even all the way until the last few ends when the Buckhurst skip, who had been firing with great accuracy scattering the good woods of Wanstead Central, lost her way and miss the head several times allowing Central to run out the winners.

Isabel’s team of Eve Beaken. Barbara Barr and Janet Bird now meet Connaught on the neutral ground of Silverthorn

Lionel Chambers Two Wood Pairs

We we blessed with a sunny, if not overly warm, Bank Holiday for the annual all day event.

The pairs of Trish Banfield & George Coster, Mavis Seabrook & Brian Bessell, Barbara Crouch & Kevin Fitzgerald and Brenda Spicer & Colin Foster made it through the round-robin stages to the semis.

Trish & George beat Brenda & Colin, and Mavis & Brian beat Barbara & Kevin to contest the final

Trish’s steady leading in the final, backed up by some spectacular jack-trailing by George saw them run out 8-1 winners.


Ladies Top of the Form at Batham & Ongar

Maureen Norgate had a relatively easy win in the singles 21-12.

The pairs came from behind and only lost 15-17.

Unfortunately the triples went down quite heavily so it was up to the Fours to save the day.

[Ed.] Unlike the Men’s version there are only four disciplines in the Ladies Top Club, so a 2-all situation is decided on shots[Ed]

On the 18th end it was all square at 19 all. Central then scored a 1, and a 4 which still left an overall score of minus 1.
However, our ladies kept their nerve and managed a score of 2 on the last end giving us a plus one winning score.

They now meet Falcon away on the 20th July.


It’s Deja-View All Over Again

In their third clash of the season Central played Ilford in the London and Southern Counties Shield.
Away at Ilford the two rinks roughly cancelled each other out shotwise. Unfortunately at Nutter Lane both rinks succumbed so Ilford beat us again. That makes it 2-1 to them so far. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to redress the balance later in the season