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Three-Way Wednesday

Central’s resources were stretched to the limit when they were involved in three different league fixtures.

In their final Cribbs Triples League Central Division fixture, Central finally lost their unbeaten record when they narrowly went down by an overall 52 – 53 shots against old rivals Ilford BC at Valentines Park. Both teams won a rink a-piece and the third rink was drawn.
Central’s winning rink was that of Kenny Ruston, Russell Hughes and Paul Whellams who defeated Sim Madgewick’s trio by 18 – 15 shots.
Keith Lloyd, Colin Foster and Paco Rodriguez drew their rink by 21 – 21 shots against Dave Betts’s trio.
The losing Central rink was Colin Jones, Paul Woodford and Mitch Brenner who went down by 13 – 17 shots against a Terry Hughes inspired trio.
At the end of the evening Central had to settle for 3 points and Ilford 4 points.
Central now enter the semi – final play-offs as a Divisional winner and will play Romford BC this Wednesday evening at Old Dagenham Park BC for a place in the Final.

The second Wednesday match was a Foresters Triples League fixture against Aveling Park BC and Central came through by an overall 72 – 60 shots after winning three of the four rinks contested.
At Nutter Lane, Central’s rink of Daniel Hughes, Lou Jacobs and Len Welton comfortably won by 19 – 8 shots.
The other home rink of Peter Shepherd, Steve Welsh and Rod Hudson narrowly squeezed home by 19 – 18 shots.
Over at Walthamstow, Central’s rink of Phil Fagelson, Gerry Rose and Bob Druce narrowly won by 20 – 19 shots.
Central’s only losing rink of the evening was that of Steve Minns, Keith Ritchie and Ken Spicer who lost out in another close match by 14 – 15 shots.
Central were rewarded for their efforts with 12 points and Aveling Park 3 points.

The third Wednesday match was a “Clark-White” League fixture against Wadham BC which saw Central come out on top by an overall 48 – 37 shots after both teams won a rink a-piece.
At Nutter Lane, Central’s rink of Dave Crouch, John Sankey, Mike Kenner and Jim Reynolds comfortably won by 29 – 12 shots.
Over at Walthamstow the rink of Dave Peterson, Mick Smallwood, Peter Norgate and Mick Bird lost out by 19 – 25 shots.
At the end of play Central had earned 4 points and Wadham 2 points.

~ by Keith Lloyd on August 7, 2013.

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