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Mens County Competitions

Please be advised that the closing dates for the men’s Essex County competitions is 31/12/2020 so you still have time to enter. The way you enter has however changed. You now have to do it via the competitions portal.

This can be accessed via the ECBA website home page (www.ecba.co.uk) as follows <Competitions>, <ECBA Competitions Portal>
or directly at http://www.essexcomps.co.uk

You need to register (with your email address) – just once, as all registration details will be stored for subsequent years.
You’ll receive an email, confirming your registration, which you should check and alter if any incorrect details
Once registered you can select the competitions which you’d like to enter (as last year above)
Add each competition to the basket (a handbook will be added too, as it’s mandatory to buy one)
Once you’ve finished ’shopping’, you need to make a payment by card.

You’ll get a confirmation email showing which competitions you’ve entered and how much you paid – check that too

Then… you’re done, until after the draw is made (sometime early next year)
You’ll receive an email for each competition you’ve entered giving your opponent details, who’s the challenger and the date for play, or closing date

This sounds quite daunting but having done it myself it is quite easy. Its just like shopping on line.

Once the game is played, the winner will enter the result into the portal (no need to ring the result through) and both players in the next round will receive an email (and so on, until they’re defeated)

~ by Phil Joslin on November 30, 2020.


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