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I’m Barbecuing In The Rain … Just Barbecuing In The Rain

In the midst of a long hot summer Central had the bad luck to choose a rainy Saturday evening for their annual barbecue.

However the promise of food, wine and beer was more than enough to lure close to 100 members and friends to the clubhouse.

Making all this happen were Tony’s team of Aquatic Chefs, a group of seasoned (sorry, bad pun) cooks who were destined to marinate in H2O on the evening in order to feed the clientèle.

Tongs Of Praise – your non-vegetarian committee

“There must be a Start Fire app here somewhere”

Nigella Lawson (in disguise) demonstrates her famous Fried Onions technique

Maureen and the girls take some time to critique Delia Smith’s “How To Boil An Egg”

~ by Colin Foster on July 27, 2013.


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